Member Services

We support our members with access to information, funding, project assistance, wholesale-cost equipment, and administrative support.

This is our core. Community Landcare depends on a foundation of well-resourced members. Our members are landholders, farmers, schools, and community groups full of Tasmanians from all walks of life who care about the health of their local landscapes, and are largely self-directed (with our guidance). Local people have a sense of ownership and long-term connection to place. This is why the grassroots, "bottom-up" approach of the community-led Landcare movement is so enduring -- and worth investing in.

We directly support Individual Members and Member Groups with:

Promotion & Recognition:

  • Sharing member stories in The Dirty Hands monthly newsletter, our website, social media, and mainstream media
  • Promoting potential member projects with our Project Bank
  • A group Certificate of Inauguration on request, to help launch new Landcare groups
  • Volunteer Certificates on request

Funding opportunities:

  • Annual grant rounds from the Tasmanian Landcare Fund, our tax-deductible gift recipient fund that attracts gifts from small and large donors
  • Invitation to participate in our Landscape-scale projects, bringing members together to solve local problems at larger scales. View some of our Featured Projects
  • Partnerships with government to roll out larger scale grants. View current funding partnerships here.
  • Grant notification emails for relevant external grants not administered by Landcare Tas

Volunteer recruitment:

Information and Connection: 

We are a conduit between Landcare Members and professionals through:

1-to-1 Support:

Wholesale materials & equipment:

Thanks to our partnerships:

  • Waratah Wholesale
  • Outdoor Cameras Australia
  • Various suppliers of weed dabbers

Equipment Lending Library:

  • Featuring a range of monitoring and planting equipment, and educational resources 
  • View what's available

Administrative Support:

For running a volunteer group

Leadership Opportunities:

  • Landcare Tasmania Board and Members Council: be elected to help drive the community Landcare movement
  • Voting rights at the AGM (Member Groups, Board and Members Council reps only)

All our other programs build on this foundation, and collectively support our members and the community Landcare movement as a whole

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