Michael Nichols


Michael Nichols owns and manages the family property at Sisters Creek, Redbank Farm.

Come and hear a brief over view of our farm and some of the different things we do, using precision agriculture to save fertiliser and potential leaching that got us the national innovation in land management award.

Redbanks is a 380 hectare property, in north-west Tasmania operated by the Nichols family for over 25 years. An exemplary enter-prise for profitability and sustainability, almost one-third is natural bush, wetlands and revegetation areas. Most importantly, the Nichols have educated those around them that Landcare values do not conflict with production values by showing very clearly that the two can operate in harmony with great success.

Michael won the 2021 National Landcare Farming award for his innovation in agriculture. Read more about the farm practices here

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Redbank Farm manager Michael Nichols with maps that have helped improve operational efficiencies. Picture Simon Sturzaker.