Fifteen Trees Plantings - Groups get more plants in the ground!

This July and August over 1,000 plants have been put in the ground thanks to Fifteen Trees and our industrious member groups Cooee to Camdale Coastcare, Alexander Creek Landcare, and Lagunta Association

Fifteen Trees has been a strong collaborator with Landcare Tasmania for a few years now, finding sponsors for native local-provenance plantings. They sponsored 5,000 plants in 2019-2020, and is sponsoring 4,000 in 2020-2021.

Members who have project ideas invovling planting next year can put an Expression of Interest into Landcare Tasmania's Project Bank. Now is the time for us to pre-order seedlings to be grown for next year's plantings! We can provide guidance in choosing suitable species and preparing sites for planting, and how to take care of and monitor the success of your plantings over time.

Cooee to Camdale Coastcare

The Cooee to Camdale Coastcare crew (left) and volunteers planting amongst penguin burrows (right) 

Cooee to Camdale Coastcare spent several days over 2 months to complete their plantings.  This group didn't waste time to get their hands in the dirt and managed to plant 700 coastal plants, 100 of which were donated by Fifteen Trees (Max at Redbreast Plants donated a few extras!) 

Planting results in the fenced area 

The group looks forward to seeing what the area looks like in a years time - the penguin activity in the area has been increasing each year as they vegetate the area. 

Keen volunteer June getting stuck in! 

Alexander Creek Landcare

Hardworking volunteers re-homing baby plants (left) and some more vols with plants (right) !

The Burnie Scout Troop turned out with trowels and smiles on Sunday August 2, to welcome the 200 kindly donated plants, collected from Redbreast Plants.

The weather was ideal for planting, & correct techniques were demonstrated for any not yet experienced at “Re-homing” baby trees...

This group planted 200 plants of 10 different species.

Plants in the ground

It is the third planting for some group volunteers, so new planters could see what they are creating, which is very special. 

Lagunta Association 

Rainbow and tree (left) and volunteer on site and ready to go (right)! 

Lagunta Association is regenerating a location now known as 'Rainbow Hill' after the beautiful rainbow appeared on the first planting sesison! 

The location is part of an area under a stewardship agreement with the Midland Conservation Fund. The goal is to replace trees where natural regeneration has not taken place for many years and where there are now very few remaining Eucalypts.  

Rainbow hill with some planting sites marked 

The group also undertook some weed control during their planting visits, which was an added benefit of the project!

They planted 50 Eucaluptus pauciflora and 50 Eucalyptus amygdalina.  

Thank you 

A huge thanks to all the hard workers involved, and to Fifteen Trees for sponsoring the plantings! 

Don't forget to submit your expression of interest to the project bank if your group would like to get planting!