Nominations Now Open - State and Territory Landcare Awards

5th March 2024 | 

Nominations for Landcare Australia's 2023/2024 State and Territory Landcare Awards are now open, and Tasmanian nominations are set to close March 31. 

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We encourage Tasmanian Landcarers nominate themselves or someone they know for a Tasmanian Landcare Award by March 31.  The awards ceremony will be held on May 14th at Government House in Hobart, where we will also get the chance to celebrate Landcare Tasmania's 30th Birthday. 

The State and Territory Landcare Awards honour individuals, groups and organisations that are making outstanding contributions to caring for the environment in their local communities for the benefit of all Australians today, and for generations to come.  In each state and territory, the Landcare Awards will recognise the achievements that encompass climate action, environmental leadership, sustainable agriculture, First Nations, Women in Landcare, youth, children and Coastcare. 

Winners of the State and Territory Landcare Awards will have the opportunity to run for the National Landcare Awards, to be held later this year.  In the last National Landcare Awards round, we were proud to celebrate two National Landcare Award winners from Tasmania - Yanti Winoto-Lewin who was awarded the Steadfast Young Landcare Leadership Award, and Friends of Bass Strait Island who were awarded the Coastcare Award. 

“It was an honour to receive the 2022 Coastcare Award in recognition of our work to repair our coastline and off-shore islands to protect and rehabilitate the habitat of breeding seabirds and fauna who call it home,” said Karen Ziegler, President of Friends of Bass Strait Islands. “It has increased the profile of need to protect the off shore islands from degradation of woody weed establishment that can change habitats to the point that some species have abandoned previous breeding grounds.”

Participating in the awards program provides an opportunity for local and national recognition. This heightened visibility not only boosts morale within the Landcare community encouraging greater participation, but also enhances the appeal of grant applications and support. 

What are the Landcare Award categories?

  • Australian Government Climate Innovation Award 
  • Australian Government Sustainable Agriculture Landcare Award 
  • Australian Government Individual Landcarer Award 
  • Australian Government Community Partnerships Landcare Award 
  • Coastcare Award
  • First Nations Landcare Collaboration Award 
  • Women in Landcare Award 
  • NextGen Landcare Award 
  • Woolworths Junior Landcare Award

The deadline on the Landcare Australia website says March 1st - can I still nominate?  Yes - the Tasmanian Landcare nominations deadline is March 31. 

For more information about each category, who can be nominated or to nominate individuals/groups for the awards, visit:

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