Project Launch: Plantation Restoration Workshop

5th May 2022

Last Saturday 30th April, an amazing 31 attendees gathered in Saltwater River to kick off Landcare Tasmania’s 2022 South East Landscape Project with a plantation restoration workshop. The event gathered beginners and experienced Landcarers alike for a day which was both enjoyable and educational, spent learning the value of restoring degraded landscapes with diverse, native vegetation. 


  Image: Huon Douglas

Workshop goers were lucky enough to hear from internationally recognised landscape restoration expert Todd Dudley during a walk and talk. Todd provided valuable insights into restoring single-species plantation sites back into diverse native vegetation. This large-scale restoration project will have many great benefits for the ecosystem, including controlling erosion, improving water quality, and improving habitat for our wildlife- to name a few.

Landcare Tasmania’s Project Officer Joy Pfleger said “When you do this on a landscape-wide scale, the positive impacts you can have are much greater than if you try to do this just in isolated patches. This is why Landcare Tasmania is focusing on the whole region in the South East.”

  Image: Huon Douglas

Landcare Tasmania volunteer, Huon Douglas, said “It was a really great event, with lots of engagement and learning.” The event was a great way for attendees to learn what's happening in their community, as well as the wider landscape.

This workshop marked the beginning of Landcare Tasmania's fourth landscape-scale project, which involves 21 sites and will entail an exciting, busy year of worskhops and events, with a focus on fencing, planting, and capacity-building workshops across the Tasman and Pitt Water Coal landscapes. 

Landcare Tasmania’s CEO Peter Stronach said “We aim to mobilise people across a whole landscape; to empower communities and bring them together to have positive impacts on the landscape, whether they are already active or are yet to join the Landcare movement. We are also working to connect the community with experts, such as Todd Dudley here today." 

“We don’t have a long time to repair damage to our environment, so we are working to get everyone on board. Our community needs to be capable and resilient to the environmental challenges ahead of us,” added Mr. Stronach.  

Joy added “We hope to encourage people to see the benefit in working at a landscape level, giving them the skills and community network to undertake their own restoration projects effectively."

This project will entail a number of great workshops and information sessions across several key catchments across lutruwita/Tasmania. The project intends to have widespread, positive impacts on the environment through biodiversity restoration, as well as through community connectivity and engagement. 

  Image: Huon Douglas

Thank you to everyone who came along! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for upcoming workshops and events as part of our 2022 South East Landscape Project. You can stay updated through our website, and our Facebook and Instagram pages.

This workshop was funded by the Tasmanian Government's Landcare Action Grants. 



This Event Is Part Of Landcare Tasmania's 2022 Outreach Program.