Revegetation: Best Practice

How do I best prepare my site for planting?

Which plants are local to my area?

Download local recommended species lists. These are excellent resources that recommend plants based on soil type, habitat, and planting purpose.

Which habitat types and plant communities are local to my planting site?

This is slightly more technical, but have a go and you may learn a lot about your local vegetation communities.

  • Create a login for ListMap. Here's a PDF on how to do that, and here's a YouTube series about it
  • Search for the site location, then add the layer called TasVeg 4.0 Outline and Labels. Find the habitat types and 3-letter codes for native plant communities near your site.
  • Look up those vegetation communities and TasVeg codes in the From Forest to Fjaeldmark guides to learn about species that are typically found there, and an indication of what proportion of trees and understory plants are suitable.

I still need more advice on which plant species to choose

How to create maps for your project

The simplest way to create a map is to take a screenshot of your site on Google Maps, then draw the location of the planting on the map. Google Earth also has drawing tools for maps, and you can export a KMZ file or take a screenshot to email us.

If you invest a little more time, you can learn a lot about your site using LISTmap. On LISTmap it is possible to add layers showing TasVeg communities, underlying geology, river catchments, land tenure, and much more.