Revegetation Techniques - A Skills Workshop

25th May 2022

On Saturday, we held a revegetation workshop at Hazelwood Farm as part of our South East Landscape Project. This was a great opportunity for workshop go-ers to have any questions answered and learn practical techniques for successful revegetation projects.

Image: Planting Demonstration © Joy Pfleger

The workshop kicked off with a talk from revegetation/restoration expert Herbert Staubmann from Habitat Plants. Herbert has been growing native Tasmanian plants for 30 years, and has extensive experience working with farmers/landowners for biodiversity, production, and landscape benefits. 

Herbert spoke in detail about all the stages involved in revegetation- planning, preparing the site, selecting plants, actually planting, and maintenance. He emphasised that good planning and eliminating competition from other plants are two of the most important aspects of successful revegetation.

Revegetation has many benefits for our ecosystem. These include preventing erosion, managing salinity levels, and improving biodiversity.

Attendees got the change to get some hands-on skills - planting the first plants of a shelterbelt on-farm.  This shelterbelts is set to provide many benefits for soil health such as reducing soil erosion and salinity.

Image: Soaking up some wisdom! © Joy Pfleger

Thank you to everyone who attended, and to Herbert for sharing his knowledge with us.

Our next workshop will be held on June 16th in Penguin on the North West Coast, and is free for Landcare Tasmania members. If you are not a Landcare Member, consider signing up or get in contact with us. We are lucky to have Herbert joining us again for our next workshop. For more information and to avoid missing out, sign up here.

This workshop is part of our South East Landscape Project, which is funded by the State Government's Landcare Action Grants.


This Event Is Part Of Landcare Tasmania's 2022 Outreach Program.