Ripple Farm, Landscape Healing Hub

12 Sept 2022 | Landcare members Ripple Farm are taking new steps this spring with their Landscape Healing Hub.

It was only five years ago that Daniel Lore and Rachael Treasure became the custodians of what would become Ripple Farm.

The years since then have been jam packed with beginning the regeneration of the soil, ecology and human elements of the property.

Early on they introduced a mixed 'flerd' (flock and herd) of cattle and sheep. They chose breeds specifically for the local situation. Their rotational grazing practices have begun the process of aerating and restoring structure to the badly compressed dense soil.

They planted much needed windbreaks. These strips of trees will offer the animals shelter, and provide plant variety for the animals to self medicate if they need to. In addition they will provide bird and insect habitat further increasing farm biodiversity.

This year they introduced a mobile chicken coop and a flock of chookies to follow the flerd! The place is really coming to life!

They have installed a massive shed as an education space, so more people can come and enjoy, share and learn from their landscape healing journey.

The big new steps this spring are around having more people on the farm: A two day Charlie Arnott and Hamish McKay Bio-dynamics Workshop in November, a UTAS Landcare Group planting day and film night in September, an East Side Lutheran School Student work experience placement, another Collegiate School Landscape healing day, and Mutton Muster and Blues Buster Bootscoot, raising funds for Rural Alive and Well and hosting the travelling Hoedown's For Country Towns girls. That's as well as all it takes to keep the farm going, and all before Christmas!

On top of that they have had a film crew in as part of the Federally funded Agri-Tourism program, Opening the Gate and, in partnership with dung beatle enthusiast Andrew Doube, have begun promoting their Landscape Healing Workshops for Schools (see flyer image).

Landcare Tasmania has been supporting Ripple Farm since they joined in 2019, supporting shelterbelt plantings and a dung beetle + Regenerative agriculture workshop through the Landcare Action Grants, providing the Landcare Assistance Program annual grant, and promoting their events and good work.

Go Ripple Farm!

If you want to be involved, do send them an email or facebook message.

Thanks to Andrew Doube for submitting this article.