Cultivating Environmental Stewardship: Launching 2023 School Landcare Program

29th June 2023 |

Our 2023 School Landcare Program is up and running and our participating schools are having a blast learning about their local flora and fauna.

Landcare Tasmania, driven by its mission to protect, restore, and manage Tasmania's landscapes, recognizes the pivotal role children play in shaping the future. With a vision to engage young minds in the wonders of nature, Landcare Tasmania has launched an inspiring and transformative program aimed at fostering environmental consciousness among children and young people. This blog post delves into the inception of our school Landcare program, highlighting its significance in cultivating a sense of appreciation and understanding for local surroundings.

At the heart of our school Landcare program lies a series of engaging workshops designed to ignite a greater understanding of local ecosystems and instill a lifelong love for nature. These workshops serve as a gateway to exploring the natural world, encouraging children to become active participants in its conservation and restoration.

Workshop Gallery 

The Amazing World of Fungi - Howrah Primary School

Students at Howrah Primary School embarked on an immersive journey into the realm of fungi. Led by passionate Landcare Tasmania educators, the workshop unveiled the vital ecological role fungi play in our ecosystems. Participants learng about the diverse forms, functions, and habitats of fungi, fostering an appreciation for these often-overlooked organisms. Hands-on activities, such as mushroom identification and the creation of a fungal-inspired artwork, bring the enchanting world of fungi to life, leaving the students with a deeper connection to the natural environment.


Tree planting - Howrah Primary School

Taking their love for nature beyond the classroom, students at Howrah Primary School had a great time at the tree planting workshop. Students got their hands in to dirt, and learnt about the importance of trees in maintaining a healthy environment. Armed with local native tube stock, the young environmental stewards went on a journey to enhance their local patch. Through this hands-on experience, they are developing a profound sense of responsibility for their surroundings, witnessing the tangible impact of their actions as they contribute to the future health of their local environment. 


Investigating Macro-Invertebrates, Austins Ferry Primary School

At Austins Ferry Primary School, students got stuck into the captivating world of macro-invertebrates, uncovering the hidden wonders within local waterways. Equipped with nets and magnifying glasses, the young explorers were on a quest to identify and understand the diverse array of aquatic organisms that call these ecosystems home. Guided by Landcare Tasmania facilitators, the students learnt about the importance of healthy waterways and the interconnectedness of species within them. By actively engaging in the process of collecting and identifying macro-invertebrates, the students gain a firsthand understanding of the delicate balance required for thriving ecosystems. This immersive workshop empowers them to become guardians of their local waterways, inspiring a sense of responsibility towards the protection and preservation of these precious habitats.

The School Holiday Program - Know Your Local Patch

Coming up in July! The School Holiday Program.