Handy resources for seeds, plants and propagation

Island Seeds specialises in the sustainable collection of native Tasmanian seeds from the bush.  Ruth Mollison can help you re-establish habitat for birds and insects in your garden. You can watch Ruth propagate salt bush cuttings with us below.     

Island seeds offer seed packets for purchase, and Ruth will be happy to answer anything you need to know about native Tasmanian plants and seeds.

Habitat Plants is a Tasmanian Native Plants Nursery who specialise in growing plants for revegetation.  They offer a best practice revegetation guide (PDF) and handy lists of plants for bees, plants for birds, edible native plants and more.   

Image: Plants of Tasmania Nursery, Melaleuca squamea 

Plants of Tasmania Nursery grow and sell Tasmanian native plants, stocking over 500 different species.  They also have a very handy plant list separated by habitat, plant size, uses, colour, status (e.g. threatened), edible and more.   

Longley Organic Farm provide detailed advice on seeds, seeding, propagation, and bed preparation.  

The Australian Plants Society Tasmania Inc. is a group of people who focus on the propagation, cultivation and conservation of native plants, hosting walks and activities studying plants.  

Wildseed Tasmania has a large range of Tasmanian native seeds available online.  They supply seed and spore from a wide range of Tassie native trees, shrubs, grasses, ground covers, climbers and ferns. 

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