Simon Cook


Sustainability Manager at Forico Pty Limited

Forico’s Management of Globally Significant Grasslands

Forico is Tasmania’s largest private forest manager, managing 173,000 hectares of land in Tasmania. This estate consists of 89,500 hectares of plantation managed for wood fibre production, and 77,000 hectares of natural forest managed for conservation and biodiversity values. We are a fully integrated seed to market supply chain. We demonstrate our commitment to sustainable forest management principles through alignment with third party certification standards - the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and Responsible Wood (RW) Certification Schemes.

We consider it essential that we engage with all our stakeholders to actively develop meaningful relationships. This is particularly true when we consider rehabilitation activities, looking to proactively collaborate with our neighbours and community members to deliver improved biodiversity and conservation outcomes across the landscape through partnerships.

Operational activities carried out by Forico to improve biodiversity and conservation outcomes on the land we manage include weed control, pine wildling removal, rehabilitation works and ecological and hazard reduction burning.