Landcare Tasmania Staff

Landcare Tasmania's purpose is to represent, support, strengthen and grow community Landcare in Tasmania. We do this by supporting our members, and in turn need to be informed, aware and guided by the interests and needs of the membership. 

Rod Knight 

Rod Knight took up the role of Landcare Tasmania's CEO in 2016.  He brings over 30 years experience in environmental science, land management, certification systems and business management. Rod sees the community as absolutely vital in addressing the sustainability challenges of our time, and is passionate about empowering and supporting people on this journey through Landcare. His favourite hot beverage is Lapsang Souchong tea.

Peter Stronach 
Community Landcare Manager and Deputy CEO

Peter starting working in the environmental field while in Primary School, addressing pollution in his local creek and engaging with Council to rectify the situation. With a deep understanding of the Tasmanian environment and an uncanny knack of being able to talk to anyone, on the land or in town, about the life around us in a way that is inspirational, informed and inclusive. His current work as Community Landcare Manager for the last 10 years and deputy CEO for Landcare Tasmania spans the breadth and depth of this amazing island. He has an unabated passion and enthusiasm for the environment, community, owls and a good yarn.  His favourite hot beverage is Earl Grey. 

Priscilla Richards 
Landcare Services Manager

Priscilla first joined Landcare Tasmania in 2017 as an office volunteer, but soon became a staff member and is now the Landcare Services Manager. She has made a career in providing technical support to various faces of the environmental sector, from environmental testing labs to university research support, and now to the Tasmanian community members who are so incredibly passionate about looking after their local patch.  Always having been a 'plant person', she's an active volunteer with the Threatened Plants Tasmania group, and is also a co-coordinator at the Native Orchid Conservation Lab at the Botanical Gardens in Hobart. Her favourite hot beverage is a good strong coffee. 

Rachel Larner
Finance and Admin Manager

Rachel joined Landcare Tasmania in 2020, having previously worked in the financial planning industry. While taking a recent career break to focus on her family, Rachel discovered a passion for sustainable living and permaculture, turning her front lawn into a food forest and trying to reduce her family’s carbon footprint. She is excited to apply her administrative experience and financial management skills as part of the Landcare Tasmania team. Her favourite hot beverage is Choc Orange Rooibos.

Jenn Gason 
Communications and Database Assistant

Jenn began working with the Landcare team as a volunteer in 2019. She has completed studies in environmental science, anthropology and economics.  She is passionate about caring for our precious environment and sees Landcare community groups as one of the best ways to do so.  Jenn also has interests in corporate environmental responsibility, sustainable land management and cultural heritage.  She is honoured to support a movement which empowers people and communities to take care of their patch.  Her favourite hot beverage is peppermint tea. 

Jakob Sprickerhof
Project Officer

Jakob was a policy adviser in the English civil service, when he decided to follow his childhood dream of working for the environment. He started studying Environmental Management at UTAS and joined the Landcare Tasmania team in 2020. Jakob is keen to engage with the amazing Landcare people across the state, and together get things done on the ground. Other times, he is trying to disguise as a rock on windy cold nights near Devonport, waiting for penguins to waddle past, or is spotting whales off Maria Island. His favourite hot beverage is freshly ground coffee with milk.

Nikki Long
Conference & Events Manager

Nikki Long has joined the Landcare Team in November 2020 as the Conference and Event Manager and will be working on the 2021 Tasmanian Community Landcare Conference. She has over 10 years experience in sales, marketing, management and planning. She has worked on a number of events across our island state. She is an avid adventure and spends her free time hiking, and if not on the land you will find her in the ocean. Her favorite hot drink is a hot chocolate.