Our Members Council - Your representatives

Landcare Tasmania's purpose is to represent, support, strengthen and grow community Landcare in Tasmania. We do this by supporting our members, and in turn need to be informed, aware and guided by the interests and needs of the membership. This role is fulfilled by our Members Council.  It's purpose is to:

  • provide a forum for Members to discuss matters of strategic direction and Landcare policy
  • provide advice and make recommendations to the Board on matters of strategic direction and Landcare policy
  • assisting and/or facilitate the implementation of policies, strategies and projects as approved by the Board

The Members Council plays a vital role in Landcare Tasmania's operations.

Jason Orr

Jason Orr - Chair

Jason has been heavily involved in a range of groups for some years now, particularly within coastal communities. He volunteers his time tirelessly and is passionate about weed management and eradication. Jason is the current Chair of East Tamar Landcare, as well as the Tamar NRM working group - "The George Town Coastal Communities Mangement Group". Jason was also elected to the George Town Council in 2022

Adam Holmstrom

Longtime Landcare Tasmania member, convener of Glebe Hill Landcare is a network of active locals who hold regular working bees, projects and tours, welcoming all ages, to ensure the Glebe Hill Bushland Reserve is sustainably managed; protecting and enhancing its natural, cultural & social values. 

Based in the South East of Tasmania 


Todd Dudley

Dedicated to the Protection, maintenance and ecological restoration of the natural environment.
President of the North East Bioregional Network. Todd has a deep knowledge of landscape conservation with large-scale projects such as plantation restoration at Skyline Tier in the North East a significant highlight for successful, socially supporting restoration of biodiversity. Todd has also been instrumental in supporting appropriate planning and development and sits on the committee of Planning Matters Alliance Tasmania. Todd is dedicated to the protection, maintenance and ecological restoration of the natural environment.

Based in the North East of Tasmania

Don Thompson

Don has recently retired after 40 years working in Natural Resource Management across the environmental non-government sector and all levels of local, state, and federal government. He is a long-time Landcare supporter and keen volunteer. He appreciates the significant positive impact the Landcare movement has made over decades and will continue to make into the future.

Based in the South East of Tasmania 


Michael Nichols

An Award winner at the 2019 Tasmanian Community Landcare Conference, he is the owner and farmer of Nichols Chickens at Redbanks, a 380 hectare property, in north-west Tasmania operated by the Nichols family for over 20 years. An exemplary enter-prise for profitability and sustainability, almost one-third is natural bush, wetlands and revegetation areas. Most importantly, the Nichols have educated those around them that Landcare values do not conflict with production values by showing very clearly that the two can operate in harmony with great success. He is part of Soil First Tasmania and continues to be a leader in soil and biodiversity management on his farm.

Based in the North West of Tasmania


Sonya Stallbaum

NRM Officer, Central Coast Council. Currently at her 3rd Tasmanian Council, Sonya has been involved in land management for 17 years, most of it involving the facilitation of on-ground works by Landcare groups. The way she sees it is that anyone who loves our environment and wants to help it thrive is the best kind of person.


Based in the North West of Tasmania

John Atkinson

John is a farmer in the Northern Midlands of many generations, passionate about land, biodiversity, weed control and community. He sits on several committees including the State Fire Management Council. He also manages a number of conservation covenants as part of his family farming operation and has interests in weed and pest management. He is also a long standing member of the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association.

Based in the Midlands of Tasmania



Ellen-Rose Sorensen

Ellen is a founding member and current secretary of the UTAS Landcare Society, and for the past two years she has worked to facilitate young people’s involvement in ecological restoration. Ellen is passionate about the conservation of Tassie’s outstanding ecosystems and getting people involved in caring for their community. She is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies at the University of Tasmania and hopes to continue studying wilderness conservation at the post-graduate level.  

Based in the South East of Tasmania. 


Kerry Bridle

Kerry is a geographer and ecologist who has lived in Tasmania since 1990. She is a member of the Ecological Society of Australia and she works part-time in natural resource management at Beaufront, Ross and also has casual appointments teaching field methods and environmental management in the School of Geography, Planning and Spatial Science at the University of Tasmania, and in the Department of Continuing Education at the University of Oxford. Kerry works with many volunteers on Beaufront including the UTAS Landcare Society and the Nipaluna Landcare group. She is a passionate advocate striving for good conservation management outcomes in agricultural landscapes, especially native grasslands and grassy woodlands.

Based in the South-East and the Northern Midlands.

Rene Raichert 

Rene is an Ecologist who has called Tasmania home since 2008, after experiencing life across a vast majority of Australia. She has worked within the Agriculture sector, NGOs and with private landholders, but predominantly for local government since the move here.

She has a passion for treading lightly on this earth, for supporting anyone doing their part to nurture and restore the health of our environment and has a love of the ocean.

Rene has the pleasure of waking up every morning and looking across the water to Bruny Island and beyond.



Robert Arvier 

Robert has over a decade of farm and agribusiness experience across vegetable, dairy, oilseed and processing industries. Prior to founding West Pine in 2018, Robert worked with a multinational agribusiness developing commercial strategies and managing stakeholder relationships in substantial capital works and environmental programs. Robert is passionate about global agricultural development and innovation, particularly the adoption of renewable energy and carbon reduction opportunities for agri-food businesses.

With his academic and professional background in agronomy and plant science, Robert manages all aspects of West Pine’s external operations. With excellent research, analytical, technical skills and commercial nous, he leads consulting projects related to emissions efficiency, process water conservation, diversion of organics from landfill/sewer, bio-energy and environmental impact.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons) and Master of Agribusiness. In 2017 he was awarded a Nuffield scholarship, completing an economic feasibility study into sugar beet production in south-eastern Australia.

Peter Lawrence 

Peter has been bushwalking for 70 years, worked as scientists in agricultural plant diversity both internationally and nationally, and now volunteers for various local nature conservation groups. He has been secretary plus held other executive roles for Wynyard Landcare and North Central Field Naturalists but prefers working outside on practical tasks.



Vivienne Briggs

Vivienne has been working with wildlife in Tasmania for the past 20 years, in both professional and voluntary conservation roles. She is presently working as a wildlife consultant/ecotourism operator, in her Burnie-based business Wild Platypus. Her work has mainly been with platypus and birds (including Little Penguins.) Vivienne is the founder/coordinator of Friends of Fernglade, a group that she has led since 2014, (past founder/coordinator of Burnie Coastcare), and the founder/convenor of the Tasmanian Platypus Conservation Group. Vivienne is passionate about protecting Tasmanian platypus and waterways.

economic feasibility study into sugar beet production in south-eastern Australia.

Victor MacIntosh

Victor has over 25 years experience in strategic planning, bringing a focus on strategic and operational development and planning. He has a Life Sciences degree, and a Masters of Business.
A submarine qualified entry officer from the Canadian Navy, Victor joined the RAN submarine service in 1996.  He led the Australian Defence Force Talisman Sabre in 2007 and 2009, as Lead Planner; liaising with border and biosecurity departments, CSIRO, AUSGOV ministerial environmental staff and NGOs.  He spent 2015-2019 in Malaysia, leading strategic and operational planning for the five nation headquarters of the Five Power Defence Arrangement.
As the administrator of the Tasmanian Platypus Conservation Group, Victor is keen to combine his planning skills with that of the expert members, in the conservation of Tasmanian Platypus.  He is a new, recently joined, member of Landcare Tasmanian Members Council.

Victor lives in the Northwest of Tasmania. 



Hannah Lewis

 Hannah has worked with an array of agri-food businesses to execute change, implement sustainable processes and procedures, and capitalise on opportunities for business and impact growth. Currently Hannah works with the TAS Farm Innovation Hub as a project manager supporting projects that increase Tasmania’s resilience to drought. Hannah is passionate about sustainable, ethical food and fibre production and the intersection of agriculture, environment and healthy communities. Hannah lives in Penguin, where she share farms vegetables, cereal and beef and lamb, and co-owns specialty grocer The Penguin Pantry, and cafe Seventy Acres.



Lyndon O'Neil

Lyndon is a proud Tasmanian Aboriginal person, a Trawlwoolway and Pairabeene man, a direct Descendant of Mannalargenna through the line of Woretemoeteyenner, and of his Grandfather, William'Rex' Kennedy.

Lyndon has a lifelong and deep connection to the land, sky and sea, from his own perspective as a contemporary Aboriginal man, and as a continuation of his family’s connection as caretakers and custodians of Country, Tasmania.

An important and valuable asset is his proven ability to apply this connection in ways that bring about positive outcomes for Country, with Heritage being an integral element, both tangible and intangible.

Lyndon is a current Director on the Board of Melythina Tiakana Warrana Aboriginal Corporation, Coordinator for the Tebrakunna Rangers, trained in Healthy Country Planning, is active and experienced in many areas of caring for Community and Country as a whole.