Our Members Council - Your representatives

Landcare Tasmania's purpose is to represent, support, strengthen and grow community Landcare in Tasmania. We do this by supporting our members, and in turn need to be informed, aware and guided by the interests and needs of the membership. This role is fulfilled by our Members Council.  It's purpose is to:

  • provide a forum for Members to discuss matters of strategic direction and Landcare policy
  • provide advice and make recommendations to the Board on matters of strategic direction and Landcare policy
  • assisting and/or facilitate the implementation of policies, strategies and projects as approved by the Board

The Members Council plays a vital role in Landcare Tasmania's operations.

Theresa Chapman,

Chair of the Members Council

A passionate soil ecologist with a diverse work and life history and an enthusiasm for sustainable agriculture. Secretary at Soil First Farmer-led group working together to share and problem-solve strategies for soil-focused production in Tasmania.

Based in the North West of Tasmania


Adam Holmstrom 

Longtime Landcare Tasmania member, convener of Glebe Hill Landcare is a network of active locals who hold regular working bees, projects and tours, welcoming all ages, to ensure the Glebe Hill Bushland Reserve is sustainably managed; protecting and enhancing its natural, cultural & social values. 

Based in the South East of Tasmania 

Andrew Doube

Andrew has a broad base of work experience focused around having respectful relationships with ecological systems. He has worked with bushcare, youth in the environment, school & community gardens, organic food, energy efficiency, community building and co-operatives. He joined the Members Council to help Landcare support Tasmania make the most of the agricultural and ecological benefits offered by dung beetles.

Based in the South East of Tasmania 

Brian Baxter 

Tasmanian Farmer and long time Landcare member based in the Midlands of Tasmania, Brian was inducted to the Landcare Tas Roll of Honour in 2019. 
Brian says "Landcare is about educating the kids to let them know they can make a difference."
"I haven't ploughed a paddock in five years... this year I've been able to grow plants up through January and February, it's cheaper and the results are better"
"The biggest project I've worked on is removing the willows along 15kms along the riverfront. It takes about 5 - 6 years to get rid of them. We have clear water now in the river, gravel bottom, and fresh water crayfish. We have about another 15kms to go."
"You have to organise things to get them happening, things don't just happen by themselves."

Todd Dudley

Dedicated to the Protection, maintenance and ecological restoration of the natural environment.
President of the North East Bioregional Network. Todd has a deep knowledge of landscape conservation with large-scale projects such as plantation restoration at Skyline Tier in the North East a significant highlight for successful, socially supporting restoration of biodiversity. Todd has also been instrumental in supporting appropriate planning and development and sits on the committee of Planning Matters Alliance Tasmania. Todd is dedicated to the protection, maintenance and ecological restoration of the natural environment.

Based in the North East of Tasmania

Don Thompson 

A long time passionate Landcare Tasmania champion. With over 40 years highly productive and valuable experience in organisational, program and project management, facilitation and policy development in biodiversity, sustainable production, natural resources, project and program evaluation, environmental design, education and community development fields. Industry experience including labour market programs, grant administration and supervision, dairy and community development initiatives.

Based in the South East of Tasmania 

Gillian Basnett 

Gill has worked in the environmental conservation sector in government agencies, not for profit organisations and her own business throughout ACT, NSW, WA, SA and now Tasmania for the past 20 years. Gill has recently moved to a new role as coordinator of the Red Hot Tips program with the State Fire Management Council. This follows several years she was a Program Coordinator for Tamar NRM running programs around sustainable agriculture, sustainable living, biodiversity conservation, feral cats and weeds. Tamar NRM was an Award winner at the 2019 Tasmanian Community Landcare Awards. Gill has a strong ecological and landcare background, particularly in wildlife assessment, fire ecology and biodiversity conservation on private property. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for the environment with others through community engagement projects, education walks and talks with school students and community groups, workshops, environmental tours and camps. Gill has increased peoples understanding of the environment and ecological processes and inspired changes in the way they act and manage land that will benefit all. Gill is an active member of Friends of Trevallyn Reserve.

Michael Nichols

An Award winner at the 2019 Tasmanian Community Landcare Conference, he is the owner and farmer of Nichols Chickens at Redbanks, a 380 hectare property, in north-west Tasmania operated by the Nichols family for over 20 years. An exemplary enter-prise for profitability and sustainability, almost one-third is natural bush, wetlands and revegetation areas. Most importantly, the Nichols have educated those around them that Landcare values do not conflict with production values by showing very clearly that the two can operate in harmony with great success. He is part of Soil First Tasmania and continues to be a leader in soil and biodiversity management on his farm.

Based in the South East of Tasmania

Sonya Stallbaum

NRM Officer, Central Coast Council. Currently at her 3rd Tasmanian Council, Sonya has been involved in land management for 17 years, most of it involving the facilitation of on-ground works by Landcare groups. The way she sees it is that anyone who loves our environment and wants to help it thrive is the best kind of person.


Based in the North West of Tasmania

John Atkinson 

John is a farmer in the Northern Midlands of many generations, passionate about land, biodiversity, weed control and community. He sits on several committees including the State Fire Management Council. He also manages a number of conservation covenants as part of his family farming operation and has interests in weed and pest management. He is also a long standing member of the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association.

Based in the Midlands of Tasmania

Joanna Lyall

Joanna is an ecologist with extensive experience in Tasmanian conservation activities, Joanna lives on a farm in Glengarry in Northern Tas growing meat sheep. She has undertaken studies on the movement of mammal species across the Tasmanian landscape including Devils, Quolls and cats and is currently working on Eastern-barred bandicoots with NRM North.
Based in the North of Tasmania.


Tessa Knowles

Passionate about biodiversity and managing introduced species such as feral cats in the North of Tasmania. Tessa is part of the Upper Meander Landcare Group, working with her father to undertake one of the first landscape scale cat management projects in Tasmania. This involved the development of appropriate trapping methods and gathering support from the general community. She now provides advice and assistance to other groups that are looking to development and implement cat management programs in the north of the state.

Based in the North of Tasmania

Alistair Graham 

Alistair has been supporting conservation in Tasmania for many years. Based in the south of Tasmania he concentrates his efforts in supporting community Landcare programs in the greater Huon area. Alistair has been also part of a number of international programs including internationally recognized threatened species and the sustainable fishing industry.


Based in the South East of Tasmania