The impact of feral cats - how can we help?

11th August 2022 | 

Last month Landcare Tasmania, three experts, and concerned community members gathered in Dunalley to understand how feral cats are impacting our landscapes - and steps we can take to curb the damage.

Image: Community gathering on the issue of feral cats (c) Priscilla Richards 

How are feral cats impacting the community? In this Q&A discussion we got to hear experiences on this complex issue from many angles. From agriculture, to wildlife, to pet owners, and even the rarely talked about but likely widespread human health implications, including mental health. 

Are you witnessing the impacts of feral cats? We discussed how the community can approach feral cat management in Tasmania.  This was a really worthwhile session for those who are experiencing the damaging impacts of feral cats and wondering what actions can be taken. 

The Project - Why Cats, Why Community? 

Predation, together with cat-borne diseases like Toxoplasmosis and Sarcocystosis are the major causes of cat impacts to our natural and production landscapes.  Threats to native wildlife have been reiterated in the recent State of the Environment Report, which notes that feral cats remain a major cause of the steady decline of mammal species Australia wide.    

In a bid for effective community action on this significant issue, Landcare Tasmania are running a number of community information sessions statewide (keep an eye on the calendar for our next session). They are an excellent opportunity for discussion amongst community members with diverse experiences dealing with feral cats.  The sessions not only provide landholders with an understanding of the impact of feral cats, but with an overview of how they can participate in their management across Tasmania. We also provide an overview on recent amendments to the cat management act and how these are working towards tackling this issue.  

Changes to the act are a step in the right direction when it comes to limiting the impacts of stray and domestic cats, but there is still a need to manage the significant feral cat problem, and Landcare Tasmania aims to support the community in undertaking effective management solutions now.

Get in touch or come along to the next info session to find out more.