Understorey Network Nursery - order now for 2023

09/09/2022 - Are you or your organisation planning to plant Tasmanian Native trees, shrubs, sedges or grasses during the 2023 planting season (autumn to end of winter)?

Propagation is now underway at the Understorey Network’s Tolosa Park nursery. If you have upcoming planting projects, we are happy to receive your order and grow to your specific requirements (seed stock dependent).

We have the greatest probability of being able to fulfill orders placed before the end of September 2022.

Most plants are in forestry tubes but grasses will be available in plugs also (81 in a cell tray). Prices for plants for 2023 will be $2.25 / tube for orders of 100 or more and $2.75 each for orders under 100 plants. A cell tray of 81 plugs will cost $120.00.

Orders can be placed by emailing the Understorey Network Inc at [email protected]

Please write in the Subject Line: Order for ( Your Organisation Name)
For more information, please contact Amanda on 0435 085 458.