Resources for tackling weeds in Tasmania

There are many weeds in Tasmania, and a wide range of methods for controlling and eradicating them have been tried, studied and implemented.

Here are some links to resources for helping tackle these pesky plants. Many Landcare Tasmania groups are dedicated to managing and eradicating weeds across the state.

Tasmanian Weeds Index -

Declared Weeds Alphabetically by Common Name

Weeds Australia -

Designed to connect you with up-to-date knowledge to make informed decisions about managing invasive weeds within Australia.


Tasmanian Weed Community -

Not sure what the plant you're looking at might be? Why not link in with passionate weed busters to help identify what your pesky plants are and work towards managing them on this Tasmanian Weed facebook group


Biological Control of Weeds in Tasmania 

Climate change, species change and local impacts – Howard Jones, St Helens Coastcarer. 

Link to the presentation