Conf23 Sunday Field Trips

Our unique field trips traverse across the East Coast region of Tasmania, we will be visiting sites where Landcarers have been doing amazing things. All field trips include morning tea and a light lunch. Choose your trip when you book your ticket

Field Trip Highlights

Maria Island

- What makes Maria Island special - it's history and conservation values.

- The work of volunteers and the important role they play in partnering with PWS to identify, monitor and address conservation threats to the biodiversity and conservation values of Maria Island.

- How Wildcare Tasmania works to support and enable volunteer groups around the state, including those who work on Tasmania’s offshore islands.

- The work of the Friends of Maria - both the impact of this work in protecting the biodiversity of Maria Island and the long-term commitment and consistent effort that has gone into achieving it.

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Spring Bay Mill and Sea Forest

- Spring Bay Mill tour learning about their horticulture journey and sustainability mission.

- Sea Forest tour to learn about their research and cultivation of Asparagopsis and its use as a feed supplement - greatly reducing the production of methane from livestock.

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Coastal Landcarers


- Demonstration by Fonz, Australia’s pioneer serrated tussock weed detection dog.

- Okehampton - a 3500-acre conservation, cultural preservation, and sheep farming property. 

- Orford Bird Sanctuary - an internationally recognised haven for shorebirds.

- Wind Song - walk through the recent Peace Forest Project to the Private Forest Reserve gifted to the Tasmanian Aboriginal people in February 2019

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Important Information

Field trips involve walking and therefore require participants to come prepared:

What to wear
- sturdy walking shoes
- comfortable clothes (long sleeves, trousers)

What to bring
- comfortable backpack to carry water, lunch & personal belongings.
- water bottle
- raincoat
- sunhat
- medications (asthma puffer /EpiPen)
- small mat to sit on at lunchtime (optional)

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are included in the full day Field Trips, morning tea and lunch are included in the Spring Bay Mill and Sea Forest Field Trip

Your time with us on the field trip
Field Trip participants are required to stay together as a group and follow the Hosts and Landcare staff instructions.