Tasmanian Community Landcare Awards


Nominate amazing Landcarers you know for the Tasmanian Community Landcare Awards.

Nominations are now open for Landcare Tasmania’s five categories of recognition awards for outstanding contributions to Landcare.

If you, someone you know, or a Landcare member group has done those extra yards for Landcare Tasmania, consider nominating yourself or them in one of the categories below.

A special recognition of their achievements will form part of this year’s Tasmanian Landcare Awards Ceremony. The Awards Dinner is part of our 2023 Conference Program and is ticketed separately. Ticketshttps://events.humanitix.com/2023-tasmanian-community-landcare-conference

Nominations close on the 11th of September.

Nominate here 

Award Categories

 Roll of Honour: Celebrating Local Legends

Local Landcare community contribution. Recognising people who have made significant contributions through their Landcare work within their local community. Recipients will receive special recognition for their achievements


  • A person who has made a significant contribution to their local landscape, or to the community Landcare movement, over an extended period of time.
  • Contributions can include hands-on, administrative, planning or logistical work.

Honorary Life Membership: Unwavering Commitment 

Recognising unique contributions to Landcare through their work with Landcare Tasmania. Recipients are awarded a Lifetime Individual Membership that includes all membership benefits


  • A person who has made a long standing or significant contribution to Landcare Tasmania, or to the community Landcare movement may be accepted for Honorary Life Membership. 
  • Contributions can include hands-on, administrative, or logistical work.

Tasmanian Premier’s Landcare Award: Celebrating Innovation and Inspiration

This prestigious award recognises innovation, inspiration or community building in Landcare and land management.

Criteria: a member of the Landcare Tasmania community who:

  • Is well recognised as an innovator or role model in changing management practices; or
  • Has provided inspiration to the community to adopt environmental management practices; or
  • Has built widespread engagement, knowledge or understanding of Landcare in the wider community.

Tasmanian Landcare Group Award: Collaboration for Positive Impact

A significant recognition designed to celebrate and honour exceptional achievements within the realm of environmental conservation and sustainable land management. 

This award category highlights the collaborative efforts of Landcare groups operating in Tasmania, showcasing their dedication, innovation, and positive impact on the local environment. 

Criteria: a member group of Landcare Tasmania who fulfils one or more of the following criteria:

  • Environmental Impact:  measurable positive impact/s in areas such as habitat restoration, native species and native vegetation community recovery, soil erosion prevention, water quality improvement.
  • Community Engagement: increased level of engagement with the local community, through outreach, education, and/or involvement in Landcare activities. This could be an increase in the number or diversity of participants or leaders, such as diversity of cultural or economic backgrounds or broader ages or geographical reach. This could also be about the social/behavioural changes resulting from the group’s advocacy and awareness raising activities, such as limiting waste & consumption, changes in the use of rodenticides, responsible pet ownership, ethical photography and much more.
  • Sustainability:
    • Social: community resilience and adaptability, facilitating behaviour/social changes and transformation - e.g. adopting traditional land management practices
    • Environmental: adoption of sustainable or regenerative land and water management practices, and the incorporation of principles like reducing waste and minimising resource consumption (from linear to circular systems)
    • Economic: Success in ensuring the long-term viability of your group through innovative strategies or funding models 
  • Partnerships: collaborations with other community groups, organisations, government bodies, or businesses that enhance the impact and reach of Landcare efforts.

Young Tasmanian Landcarer Award: Future Leaders

To recognise, encourage and celebrate the efforts of a young individual who is actively engaged in Landcare and environmental conservation activities in Tasmania.

This award specifically targets younger generations, acknowledging their commitment, enthusiasm, and innovative approaches to addressing environmental challenges.

Criteria: is not required to be a member of Landcare Tasmania. A Tasmanian resident aged 13-25  who fulfils one or more of the following criteria

  • Demonstrated engagement with a proven track record of actively participating in Landcare and environmental conservation activities. This could include involvement in tree planting, habitat restoration, clean-up initiatives, or other relevant projects.
  • Passion and dedication evident through their actions and engagement in environmental conservation and Landcare activities.
  • Impact. Nominees' contributions have made a positive impact on the environment or the local community. Could involve measuring outcomes such as improved biodiversity, reduced pollution, or enhanced public awareness.
  • Leadership and initiative where nominees have taken roles in organising and mobilising others for Landcare efforts. 

Nominate here   Tasmanian Landcare Award Winners from 2021 

*Are you looking for the National State & Territory Landcare Awards? These awards are run by Landcare Australia and have been postponed. We anticipate that the National awards will be offered in 2024. In response to this situation, we have expanded our local Tasmanian Landcare Awards this year.


The Awards Dinner is part of our 2023 Conference Program and is ticketed separately

When: Saturday 14th October
Where: Spring Bay Mill, Tin Shed
Time: 6:30-9:30pm

Catering: Dinner is catered for by Spring Bay Mill, a truly garden-to-plate experience where their organic kitchen gardens are designed to supply the Mill with fresh, local, wholesome food.