Landcare Tasmania has been set up with the purpose of representing, supporting, strengthening and growing Tasmania's community landcare movement to improve the health of our natural and working landscapes.

To achieve this requires good governance.  Governance is the set of collective arrangements that define how an organisation is controlled and run.  Good governance is using the best possible processes to make decisions for the organisation.  It means that our structures, activities and operations meet legal requirements, have probity, are transparent and are accountable.

For Landcare Tasmania this means having the best possible arrangements to deliver the objects associated with our purpose:

  • Promote community Landcare;
  • Connect people and organisations with an interest in Landcare;
  • Support Landcarers with administration, information and funding;
  • Represent community Landcare as an advocacy body; and
  • Operate the Tasmanian Landcare Fund as a tax-deductible fund to receive income and gifts to support our operations.

Our Constitution is the overarching document that defines many of our planning, operational and governance requirements.  The Constitution is established under the Associations Incorporations Act 1964 (Tasmania).  Further information and a copy of the Constitution can be found here.

Landcare Tasmania's vision and mission is long term.  To ensure that our short term activities and medium term ambitions align with this we work under a Strategic Plan.  Further information and a copy of the Strategic Plan can be found here.

Landcare Tasmania is a member based organisation with two main committees - a General Committee and an Executive Committee. Each year a General Committee of up to 13 people is elected to provide guidance and advice to the Executive Committee and to determine the strategic direction of the organisation. Membership of the General Committee is open to nominees of member groups and up to 3 individual members.  

The Executive Committee is elected from the General Committee and comprises the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, plus up to two co-opted members selected on the basis of skills. The Executive Committee is responsible for the proper management of Landcare Tasmania's affairs, including financial decision making and business activities. 

Management of Landcare Tasmania's operations are delegated to the Executive Officer, who coordinates the work of a small but dedicated team of staff to support our members and ensure the day to day operation of the organisation.

On an annual basis we ensure the accountability our activities are comprehensively reported in our Annual Report, which is publically available.  Past annual reports are available here.  Key governance and accountability requirements for the Annual Report, e.g. audited financial statements and reported from the Treasurer, President and Executive Officer are presented to our Annual General Meeting.  The AGM is open for all members of Landcare Tasmania to attend.