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2018 was a great year... plus our 25th is coming in 2019!

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2018 was a great year... plus our 25th anniversary is coming in 2019



2018 was a great year for community Landcare in Tasmania! 

The generosity of the community to contribute to better environmental and sustainability outcomes was once again strong.  For Landcare Tas this is seen in continuing growth in the number of Landcare groups across the State, which has now risen to 213.

Of course the real highlight is that, once again, thousands of Tasmanians rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty doing the work of community Landcare. Planting trees and shelterbelts, controlling weeds, managing farm soils, and caring for coasts and rivers are part of the traditional picture. But Landcare has also evolved into issues such as plastic pollution, clean-up events, the economic and environmental impacts of modern rodenticides, and maintaining and improving parks and reserves.

Landcare is a 'bottom up' community movement. It involves people in the community taking ownership of sustainabililty and environmental issues, developing and delivering solutions, and maintaining the outcomes over time. It is at the heart of what community Landcare is about, and perhaps the biggest thing about Landcare that decision-makers often don't get.

The importance of bottom up Landcare will be at the forefront of our work through 2019. This is the year that Landcare Tasmania will turn 25. We are the oldest State-based Landcare organisation in Australia, and proud of our history of helping the Tasmanian community to participate in Landcare and make a difference.

There's alot planned for our anniversary, with events and activities throughout the year. It will culminate in the Tasmanian Community Landcare Conference and Awards in October. Along the way will be lots of opportunities for our fantastic network of people to get involved and be recognised, to help tell the story of the last 25 years, and to set community Landcare up for a strong and effective future.

I'm looking foward to it. I hope you will join in

On behalf of everyone at Landcare Tasmania, I wish you all a safe, restful, rewarding and happy Christmas.

Rod Knight, CEO Landcare Tasmania

Meander MOB for Native Shelterbelts and Cat Traps



Our latest Member Outreach BBQ (MOB) drew members in from across the Meander Valley and beyond. Participants gained on-ground, practical experience in the benefits of native shelterbelts and the ins and outs of feral cat trapping, right from their local experts. Check out the full story here.

Feel like you missed out? Click below to become a member to get the invite to the next MOB in your area. (Or simply join as a great way to show your support for community Landcare!)

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The many ways you can support Landcare Tasmania

With over 200 Landcare groups across the State, Landcare Tasmania is always on the lookout for funds to support their work. We have lots of things that need your support.  Everything from buying equipment for groups to share, through to providing training to help groups tackle some of the trickier environmental and sustainability challenges.


Donating to Landcare Tasmania ensures your money stays in Tasmania and is used to support the thousands of people working for our bush, coasts, land, rivers and wildlife. It's also tax deductible for amounts over $2. Our latest project fundraiser is the Rodenticides Community Awareness Program, which you can donate to specifically on that page.

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Becoming an Individual Member of Landcare Tasmania is a great way to show your support for just $30 a year. Memberships are renewable on the 31st of January every year, but if you join now, your membership will be valid until Jan 2020, giving you an extra couple months. Given the time of year, you may even wish to consider purchasing a Membership as a Christmas gift - clutter-free Christmas gifts are the in-thing at the moment! 

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New card lines in our store

Black Swans

Just too cute penguins


We have added two new card packs to our store - Wonderful Waterbirds, and Just Too Cute animals! These cards have been generously donated by Tasmanian artist David Hopkins, to help raise fund to support community Landcare. They are all original watercolours.

Show your support for community Landcare, and ensure your Christmas message is beautifully delivered.

Dabbers for those pesky weeds!

Dabbers for cut and paint weed control are in high demand this time of year. We have packs of 3, and replacement sponges in packs of 10



Caution: Always read and follow instructions for correct and safe application of any herbicides.

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Landcare in the news

Happy Birthday Rosny Montagu Bay Landcare Coastcare Group! It's not every day a Landcare group turns 25! Congratulations to everyone who has contributed over the years, and who came to Rosny Hill on 21 October to celebrate. The group is still going strong, thanks to a committed local community. Click the link below to read about it in the Eastern Shore Sun.

Eastern Shore Sun - Rosny 25 years

A few other stories on the go

Clay Generate

A collaboration of MONA's 24 Carrot Gardens program, Gagebrook Primary School and Landcare Tas to use clay sculptures to help regenerate native bush.  Sound strange? Click to find out more from the Glenorchy Gazette, Brigthon Community News and ABC Radio.

5000 Trees

Textile artist Cindy Watkins is generously donating $2 to Landcare Tasmania for each stitched tree sold as part of her 5000 Trees project. Read about it in the article from The Examiner.

FORB fundraiser

Friends of Randalls Bay Coastcare are looking to add new land to the Echo Sugarloaf Reserve south of Cygent. Read about their fundraiser for the project in this article from the Mercury.


Facebooklike.jpgAnd don't forget to check out our Facebook page as well. There's lots of stories always on the go, and bound to be something to interest you.

Welcome to our New Member Groups

Welcome to our new Community Member Groups!

The Free Radicals Landcare Group - The types of activities for this group are varied and are dependent on Kingborough Council programs for the year. There is always an element of bushland management (weeds, reveg), plus project based activities that include monitoring, construction, community based work - and more!

Penguin Landcare GroupThe purpose of Penguin Landcare is to select public areas in the greater Penguin region where it is feasible within our resources to address problems of erosion, neglect and invasive species and rejuvenate those areas as habitats of native flora and fauna.

TRAC Kingborough Landcare GroupTRAC Kingborough Landcare Group works to promote the leisure activity of horse riding with whilst having low impact to the natural environment. TRAC undertakes working bees to maintain vegetation, control weeds and undertake other tasks as required.

How do I join a group?

Not sure where to start? We can help you find a group that suits your interests, or even help you start one if there isn't one local. Call the office on (03) 6234 7117 or send an email to [email protected]

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We need to fill our calendar with your 2019 working bees and events! If you are a member group convenor, please send us your event details to [email protected], or simply add our email address to your group's working bee or event mailing list. If you post your events on Facebook, don't forget to tag @LandcareTas so we can share them with our followers, and your potential new volunteers!

There's a Landcare event near you

GroupsMap.jpgThere are Landcare groups all over Tasmania, and every year they run thousands of community events, working bees, and information stalls.

They're also a pretty friendly lot and always looking for new members and volunteers to share the fun and satisfaction of making a difference to our bush, land, coasts and rivers.

Events Page

With Christmas looming there's may be changes to the schedule of regular events for some groups, so please get in touch with them ahead of time to check the details.