28 July set for big Kingborough tree planting day

Our joint National Tree Day planting with Kingborough Council is coming up on Sunday 28 July. A great example of the partnership between Council and Landcare Tas, with great assistance from Guides, Scouts and Lions. From the Kingborough Chronicle.

Fantastic Landline story on Graeme Stevenson, soil, poo, and other niceties

ABC Landline ran a fantastic story on Landcare legend Graeme Stevenson. For those who missed it read on.

Fun celebration of Landcare at Lilydale

A cold and wet Sunday didn't stop Landcarers from celebrating their Landcare history at Lilydale on Sunday 30 June.

25 years of Landcare Celebrated in Clarence

Landcare groups from Clarence and nearby areas gathered at Rosny Barn on Thursday 11 July. as part of celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of Landcare Tasmania.

National Tree Day Planting with KCC a huge success

National Tree day in Kingborough was a huge success! 200+ people came on Sunday to expand the habitat of one of the world's rarest birds - the Forty-spotted Pardalote.

New Dung Beetles come to Tassie Farms

Introducing dung beetles to bury cattle and horse manure has been a big success in Australia! Burying all that dung has brought down fly numbers, made the soil more fertile, reduced cattle and horse parasites that breed in dung, allowed...

Seymour Wetland Field Day - 25yr Event

For Landcare Tasmania's 25th Anniversary we are travelling around the state to showcase our member's work to the public. The Seymour Wetland Field Day hosted by Seymour Community Action Group (SCAGI) on the 18th of May 2019 was a great...

Q & A with Landcare Legends Gwendolyn Adams & Brian Baxter

At our Community Outreach Event in Campbell Town on the 11th of May 2019, Landcare Tasmania's Peter Stronach interviewed two Landcare Legends who have been in the Landcare game for 25+ years: Brian Baxter and Gwendolyn Adams

Landcare grants available to improve land and waterways

Post by WillHodgman. The Advocate - APRIL 16 2019 - 2:00PM Click here to read this on The Advocate

Landcare and the 2019 Federal election

The 2019 Federal election will provide a significant opportunity for the next Australian government to refocus the current National Landcare Program (NLP) to better deliver on its name - Landcare. Despite an investement of $1.1B over 5 years, current funding...