The Dirty Hands - May 2022

The Federal Election - A Future for Landcare? | National Volunteer Week | Events: Beetles, Biocontrol, and Reveg | Got mice? It's that time of year + more 

The Federal Election - A Future For Landcare? 

Image: © Nick Hanson 

Will the government invest in a strong future for Landcare? 

We believe if we are to effectively prepare and respond to climate impacts and natural disasters, government needs to invest in the thousands of Landcare groups and volunteers that are capable, knowledgeable, and ready to act. 

The network is there - let's strengthen it. 

The National Landcare Network's 'Future Frameworks' asks the government to invest in the 6,000 local groups and 160,000 volunteers Australia wide, with a $48 million investment in Community Landcare over 5 years. 

Read more about the ask, and how you can support government investment in Landcare (and for the future of our planet).  



Happy National Volunteer Week 

Image: Friends of Bass Strait Islands

It's National Volunteer Week, and we want to celebrate the tireless contributions of volunteers that make up the Landcare movement.

Did you know there are over 6,000 Landcare volunteers state-wide in 2022? Or that in 2021 volunteers contributed over 104,000 hours to Landcare?

Volunteers help in so many ways... by planting, propagating, cutting, painting, spraying, pulling, fencing, mapping, monitoring, sweeping, building, or maybe making the bikkies for morning tea...

"Volunteering brings people together; it builds communities and creates a better society for everyone.  National Volunteer Week is a chance for all of us to celebrate and recognise the vital work of volunteers and to say thank you." -Volunteering Australia 

It's all so important, and Landcare would not exist without volunteers. Volunteers drive this movement forward with their passion and willingness to donate their valuable and often limited time to take care of Tasmania’s unique landscapes and communities.

This National Volunteer Week we ask that all volunteers give yourself a sincere pat on the back for your tireless contributions, big, small and everywhere in between, in taking care of Tasmania’s extraordinary landscapes.

What's Been Happening? Events Wrap Up 



Dung Beetle Evening at Leap Farm 

Just before sunset, attendees of Landcare Tasmania's Dung Beetle Evening at Leap Farm made their way to a picturesque spot at the top of a hill...surrounded by dung.  It may sound odd to enter a circle of poo... but the dung was there to attract some special beetles...



Discovering Biocontrol

As part of our Gorse Biocontrol Project, supported by the JM Roberts Charitable Trust, we held a free biocontrol info session on 10th May.  21 attendees heard from Dr John Ireson of TasWeeds Biocontrol who gave an overview of what biological control for weeds is, what it can achieve, and how it is made safe to use. He concentrated on three major environmental and agricultural weeds: gorse, broom and ragwort. 



These workshops are part of our Outreach Program which aims to increase capacity for Landcarers so that all our land and coasts can be cared for by the community.  


It's That Time Of Year 

Image: Raptor Refuge 

As the weather is cooling, a war is waged on the mice and rats that enter our homes and workplaces. But rodent poisons are doing more damage than you think.  

You’re probably aware of the effectiveness of rodenticides (rodent poison) in keeping your home pest free- but are you aware that some of these poisons are absorbed by the predators who feed on rodents, causing disastrous effects in our ecosystems?

Read more for how you can help keep our wildlife safe from second-hand poisoning, and what to look out for on packaging. Our simple trick is to look for POISON vs CAUTION - avoid products labelled poison as these contain the more harmful active ingredients. 



This features as part of our Advocacy work, to raise the profile and get better support for important issues and Community Landcare in Tasmania.


Coming Up: Revegetation Training 

Our revegetation training workshops over the last couple of years have been highly successful.  Back by popular demand, Landcare Tasmania are hosting more. 

We have two workshops for our members in the North (16 June) and South (21 May) of Tasmania with beloved expert, Herbert Staubmann of Habitat Plants. These workshops will provide the knowledge needed to undertake successful projects from start to finish, whether it's establishing long shelterbelts, controlling erosion, or revegetating a gully, we will learn how to select plants, prepare the ground and maintain plants to thrive.

Herbert has been growing native Tasmanian plants for 30 years. He has extensive experience in working with farmers and other landowners designing plantings for biodiversity, production and other landscape benefits.

Admission: Free for Landcare Tasmania members. Check if your group is a Landcare Member Group here. If you are not an Individual member or part of a Member Group, please consider signing up or get in touch.



These workshops are part of our Outreach Program which aims to increase capacity for Landcarers so that all our land and coasts can be cared for by the community.  



Featured Photo 

Leanne Hays - Mountain Stream 


Do you have a Landcare snap to share? Send your photo to [email protected]


Worth A Read: Farmers Happier When They Participate in Landcare 

Image: © Nick Hanson 

A new study shows that farmers who participate in natural resource management on-farm have improved mental health and wellbeing.

"Many farmers tell us that they begin their natural assets journey with one small project such as planting a shelterbelt, often in collaboration with a local community group such as Landcare, but over time often they undertake several projects that cumulatively have a transformative effect on their farm, and on how they feel about their farm environment.

This research really aligns with these farmers' stories.

The key insight in this new research is that planting trees can lead to social connectedness, but over time a broader approach to the farm landscape is associated with greater farmer wellbeing." - Michelle Young, Director of Sustainable Farms

We welcome these studies that measure the wellbeing benefits of Landcare - we had a feeling it was good for us.... and now it's on paper!


Congratulations Steph! 

Landcare Tas member Stephanie Trethewey has been named 2022 Tas AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award for her program, Motherland Australia.

A rural mum herself, Stephanie launched Australia’s first personalised online rural mothers’ group to provide connection and support regardless of their location.

Well done Steph!


Call for Projects: TASAg Innovation Hub

The TASAg Innovation Hub is seeking to support collaborative projects relating to Drought Resilience and Agricultural Innovation.  Successful projects will receive cash and other support from the Hub based on total available funds of up to $2.6 million for drought resilience projects and up to $1.7 million for agricultural innovation projects.

Drought Resilience projects will help Tasmanian farming businesses and their local communities become more resilient to and prepared for the financial, social and environmental impacts of drought and dry seasonal conditions. 


Where? Where? Wedgie! 

Image: © Trevor Rix

Landcarers: can you spare a morning? Or perhaps a weekend adventure? The Where? Where? Wedgie! raptor surveys are coming up soon, and for quality scientific info, more surveyors are very much needed.

Without this annual effort, we won’t have any objective measure of whether Tasmania’s beautiful birds of prey - which face so many threats - are declining in number, increasing or stable.

If you enjoy getting out into nature and like the idea of contributing to useful science - consider taking part.

Participating ’NatureTrackers’ (from newbies to professional ornithologists) survey one or more squares across Tasmania on one or more of the specified dates (13-15 & 27-29 May this year). There are so many really stunning bits of Tasmania to visit, and this is a great way of viewing them from a different perspective.

Book your survey ASAP! This allows everyone to coordinate efforts across Tasmania, ensures you have good preparation time, and means you get your preferred spot before anyone else snaps it up!


Welcome to our New Member Groups!

New member groups are a great demonstration of the generosity of the Tasmanian community to get involved in caring for our bush, land, coasts, rivers, and wildlife. They're contributing to our vision for all the land and coasts of Tassie to be cared for by the community. Join them if you're in their area!

Table Cape Rock Pools - Property Group 


Landcare Tas Online Shop

Cards, flips, weed control dabbers and more.  Check out the Landcare Tasmania shop today.  

Sales through our store raise funds to assist Landcare Tasmania in supporting our member groups across Tasmania, undertaking landscape restoration projects and providing education and advocacy. We appreciate your purchase!



Image: © Sasha Lev

A great way to join the growing Landcare movement is to become a regular donor.

No matter how big or small your contribution, being a regular donor is an opportunity to be involved in the evolution of community Landcare in Tasmania and see the long-term impact of your support.

Regular donations are a huge help in allowing Landcare Tasmania to provide our vital services for important Landcare projects. 

Sign up to make a regular contribution to our gift-recipient fund, the Tasmanian Landcare Fund. Donations over $2 are tax-deductible. 

Tasmanian Landcare Fund







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