The Dirty Hands - April 2020

The Dirty Hands April 2020 - Join our online outreach program - Cat Traps, Impacts of rodent poisons, and a Quoll in a bird bath

The Dirty Hands

April 2020


Join us for Online Outreach!

Landcare Tasmania is rolling out a new kind of community outreach program, finding online ways of reaching out and interacting with you - our members and supporters who are the heart of community Landcare. The response has been incredible so far! We love your questions, your photos, your engagement, and the ways you are finding to advocate for Landcare issues in your communities. 

Read on to find out how you can join us online for live How-To videos, Q & A sessions and interviews.

Who would you like to see in a live interview? What practical skills do you want to learn more about?



*New* Facebook Live Videos

Were you one of the hundreds of people who've seen our new videos on Facebook Live?  Our Community Landcare Manager Peter Stronach has been hosting some popular live video sessions over the past few weeks. We had some great questions during the live broadcasts. Turn on notifications for the Landcare Tas Facebook page to be notified whenever we go live.

How to set up a wildlife camera on a bird bath 

This first Facebook Live session featured pro tips on wildlife cameras with some surprising visitors!

Read more on our article on how to select and use a wildlife camera


How to make a safe and effective feral cat trap 

Last week's session was a demonstration on the cat traps being designed and created by Landcare groups in Tasmania.

Big thanks to Kevin and Tessa Knowles from Upper Meander Catchment Landcare Group and Dean Brampton from Bronte Park Landcare for their innovation and passion. Further resources:

TODAY  you'll see a beautiful example of river restoration in northwest Tasmania.


This newsleter won't quite get out in time to see this live, but Peter will be showing us a river restoration site in the north west that member group Friends of the Leven have been working on for many years.

He will be joined by one of our passionate volunteers.


We'll be sticking around for a bit  after the talk to answer your questions. 


Share the wildlife pictures you capture with us. on Facebook and Instagram

*New* Landcare Tasmania Webcasts

Part of our exciting new series of online events, Landcare Tasmania Webcasts will be a mix of Q & A sessions, interviews, and panel discussions - all of which you can get involved in by submitting your questions now, and joining in on the day. RSVP below to get the zoom link.

Rodenticides Q & A with Nick Mooney

Our first webcast will be held as a Zoom teleconference, Wednesday 20th of May at 2:30pm. For more than 40 years Nick has studied the impact on wildlife of changes in landscapes and peoples’ attitudes, with one particular focus being on threats to birds of prey. Nick was a founding member of the BirdLife Australia Raptor Group, is an honorary curator at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, and is the technical advisor for the Raptor Refuge.

Read up on the problems that certain rodent poisons cause for raptors on our Rodenticides Community Awareness page.

We will be asking Nick your questions about the use of rodenticides and the threats to birds of prey and other wildlife, so start sending your questions now!




Catch up on the Landcare News Blog

Community Landcare Movement Growing Strong at UTAS

Three vibrant UTas Societies have joined the growing Landcare movement in the past year: the University of Tasmania Avian Club (UTAC), UTas Landcare Society and UTas Biological Sciences Club. See what they have been up to!


Spotted quolls or quolls – spotted?

Watch the quoll who turned up at Pete's bird bath, and read all about these amazing creatures.



A Landcare-Led Recovery

The network of Landcarers across the country are strong communities with a connection to their place, to environmental awareness, and to agricultural change. Community Landcarers could be the key to a national recovery post-crisis. Dr Patrick O’Connor, chair of the National Landcare Network, has written an excellent opinion piece for the Canberra Times defining what Landcare is – and what it isn’t. 




Planning for when this is all over?


We know that many of you are still active in community Landcare and are taking this time to reflect and do some strategic planning for the future. Now is a great time to submit Expressions of Interest for your projects to Landcare Tasmania's Project Bank. We draw on this bank of project proposals to invite applications to the Tasmania Landcare Fund, Fifteen Trees plant sponsorship, and other support. If you want to receive support this year, get it in the Project Bank!


How does the Project Bank work?

You and your group members deserve recognition!

We've teamed up with Volunteering Tasmania to give you the opportunity to have a high quality certificate of recognition printed up for each and every one of your members. 

It's simple! Send us a list of your group member's names using the link below, and your certificates will arrive by post (example shown here).


Reminder - LAP Grant

Member groups who have applied for the Landcare Assistance Program grant are reminded that they need to send us an invoice for the $150 by the deadline of 12 May 2020. We are thrilled to be able to support the 198 groups who applied for the small admin grant this year. The Landcare Assistance Program grant is delivered by Landcare Tasmania with funds provided by the Tasmanian Government.

Thank you to our recent Donors!


Huge thanks go out to Bija Yoga Tasmania , who have donated proceeds from their weekly "Pay it Forward Yoga" class from January to March 2020 to the Tasmanian Landcare Fund.

Donations to the Tasmanian Landcare Fund can be made with a preference to for the funds to be used for a particular project or Care Group. We have over 150 project proposals statewide looking for funding.

Your generous donations go directly towards practical projects in Tasmanian communities.



Welcome to our new member groups!

Community Landcare is continuing to grow! New member groups are a great demonstration of the generosity of the Tasmanian community to get involved in caring for our bush, land, coasts, rivers and wildlife. They're contributing to our vision for all the land and coasts of Tassie to be cared for by the community.

Check out the latest new members: 

Blueman’s Run, Property-based group

Blumont Dairy, Property-based group

Clarence Climate Action, Community group

Colynn Landcare, Property-based group

Eaglehawk Neck Coastcare Group, Community group

Friends of Burnie Penguins, Community group

Lauderdale Coastcare, Community group

Lemont Landcare Group, Property-based group

Marist Regional College, School group

Myrtlewood Pastoral, Property-based group

Pardoe Conservation Landcare Group, Community group

UTAS Biological Sciences Club, Community group

UTAS Landcare Society, Community group


You can also find details of all our member groups on our website.

How do I join a group?

Not sure where to start? We can help you find a group that suits your interests, or even help you start one if there isn't one local. Call the office on (03) 6234 7117 or send an email to [email protected]


Events Calendar

Normally we would include a list of upcoming community events on our newsletter. Since many of these have been cancelled, we decided to leave it off this time. If you are wondering about a particular event, please contact the organiser on the event listing on our website. You can also find contact details for groups in your area for more information on our Directory of Groups.


Thanks for reading!

The Landcare Tasmania Team

Rod Knight - CEO
Peter Stronach - Community Landcare Manager, Deputy CEO
Priscilla Richards - Landcare Services Manager
Kat Traill - Events Producer
Raelene Mibus – Landcare Officer